Signs Your Baby Is Struggling With Nipple Confusion

Ever since you got pregnant, friends and family members have probably been falling all over themselves to offer advice. Even though they mean well, and only want the best for you and your new baby, this advice can sometimes be overwhelming! Your sister might not have any trouble with breastfeeding, so she tells you nipple confusion is a myth. Meanwhile the ladies in your book club have been telling you that their baby’s problems with feeding caused them a ton of stress in the first few months after giving birth.

The best way to deal with all of this information overload is to take a deep breath (go ahead, we’ll wait!) and then remind yourself that no two women will have the exact same experience. What works for one mother and baby, might not necessarily work for you. The best way to deal with your particular situation is to learn the signs of nipple confusion, and then figure out a solution that’s based on your particular needs and lifestyle.

Obviously, your baby can’t just pipe up and say, “Hey mom, something isn’t working here!” So it’s important that you learn to read their body language. Do they cry when they get hungry, but then act disinterested in your breast? Do they seem like they’re going to start breastfeeding, but then struggle to keep your nipple in their mouth, ultimately failing to latch on? In some cases, babies have no problem breastfeeding, but get utterly frustrated when Mom or Dad occasionally tries to give them a bottle. These are strong indicators that your little one could be confused.

Even though they look the same to us, there are some important differences between a bottle nipple and a natural mother’s nipple.They feel differently in the mouth, deliver milk differently to the baby, and require the use of different muscles to suck. That’s a lot to remember when you’re only a week or two old! That’s why Comotomo created our unique feeding products that are specifically designed to prevent bottle rejection and nipple confusion.

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