About Comotomo Bottles & Teethers

It all began with a simple question… ‘Why?’

Most people see a baby bottle and think modern invention. But did you know that the first “feeding vessels” dates back to 2000 B.C.? Since then, baby bottles have come a long way from clay pots, cow horns, porcelain, and most recently, plastic standing bottles. In many sense, however, the design intention had always been from the perspective of “us”, the adults.

So we asked a simple question…’Why?’ Isn’t it about time that we design something with a pure intention for “them”, our little ones?

With that intention as the driving force behind every thing we do, we created a new baby bottle that babies would ask us for if they could. Shaped like mom, Comotomo bottles help reduce the instances where baby might refuse the bottle; plus, the silicone-based, mounded body comforts with its soft, pliable feel. Equipped with anti-colic vents, they also help reduce the likelihood of colic and gas.

Finally, with Mom and Dad in mind, we made the opening of our infant bottles to be extra wide; making cleaning a breeze.  


Why reinvent the wheel?

It seems that baby teethers come in more sizes and shapes than you can imagine. In coming up with our design, we were inspired to go back to the fundamentals. The truth is, your baby already has the most well designed teething toy out there. It just so happens to be his or her itty bitty fingers. So we simply copied from the best with just a bit of a twist.