What Makes Comotomo the Best Breastfeeding Bottle

Moms who want to continue to breastfeed their babies, but need the convenience bottle feeding allows them, may find themselves in a position other mothers don’t face. Obviously, today’s busy working mothers can’t position themselves to offer feeding time any time of day, making bottle feeding an essential part of everyday life. As most moms will tell you, breastfeeding provides them their chance to quietly bond with their infant in a way nothing else does. It is the necessary transition to the bottle that causes them concern however.

Because the breast is perfectly designed by nature to feed and support an infant, transitioning to a standard baby bottle can present a number of issues; especially if Mom is continuing to breastfeed daily. Nipple confusion and bottle rejection are common problems for breastfeeding babies and what we strive to overcome with our innovative bottle design.

Comotomo bottles have been recognized as one of the best breastfeeding bottles available on the market today. Every aspect and component of our bottles has been designed and engineered to mimic what nature set the standard. By being squeezable, wide-mounded and equipped with a nipple that is soft, pliable and most like mom, we have developed what is widely considered to be, by industry experts, pediatricians and moms all over the globe, the most comprehensively designed bottle for breastfeeding babies.