Why Comotomo is the Best Infant Feeding Bottle

As parents, we often look for the very best for our children. From the diapers we put on their little behinds to the colleges that we hope to send them to one day; we believe that only the optimum is good enough for our kids. Until it comes to feeding them. Sure, you’ve done the research about the advantages of breastfeeding and making your own baby food. You’ve looked into all the reasons you should or should not make certain foods a part of their daily diet; you’ve even thought about going completely organic. But how much consideration have you given to the bottle with which you use to feed your little one?

What you may not understand when it comes to baby bottles, is that the standard that we’ve been used to for so long, the bottles with which our own parents fed us (and their parents before them and their parents before them) are not the bottles that are best for nursing and feeding. There is a better choice available. A choice that makes the act of bottle feeding your baby a joy; a choice that ensures that bottle rejection is virtually eliminated; a choice the helps baby to be satisfied without the risk of gas and colic.

With innovative thinking, that considers the baby’s feeding experience, we’ve used the best of what mother nature has given us as a model for Comotomo baby bottles. Manufactured with medical-grade silicone, our infant feeding bottles are soft and pliable; meant to allow a baby’s squeezing hands to grip and feel while nursing for comforting satisfaction. Mimicking mom’s breast, the rounded mound-shape and naturally-feeling nipple further keep your baby from refusing to eating from the bottle. Allowing both parent and baby to experience the joy of building those first bonds through nursing.

Industry experts, pediatricians and parents around the world continue to name Comotomo bottles as the best feeding bottles for infants and babies. Shop now and discover the difference a Comotomo bottle can make.