Making the Transition from Breast to Bottle an Easy One

Imagine if, out of the blue, someone up and changed everything you knew about food. How you enjoy it; how it’s delivered - even how it feels in your mouth. Say, instead of a fork or a spoon, you were now expected to eat from a spatula; without warning or training. Now, maybe you can get just a bit of an idea of how it must seem to an infant to be suddenly forced to switch from breast to bottle feeding.

Yes, we know it seems a bit harsh. But we believe that understanding feeding time from the baby’s point of view is imperative to successfully accomplishing the transition from breastfeeding to bottle. Allowing your infant plenty of time to switch, without showing signs of anxiety or frustration, is imperative to experiencing the comforting joy that feeding time can provide. Understand that this is a major change in what they’ve come to know and expect, and it should be approached with patience and care.

It is with this belief that we developed what we believe to be the best infant feeding bottle on the market today. By focusing on the best that nature has given us, we’ve designed Comotomo bottles to mimic the feel and shape of a mother’s breast in every way possible.

By using medical-grade silicone, we molded a soft, squeezable body into the shape of a real breast, allowing baby to feel comfort when needed. Our nipples were shaped to as closely resemble that of a human nipple as possible in order to avoid nipple confusion, which often leads to the possibility of baby refusing the bottle altogether.

And of course we couldn’t forget about Mom and Dad in the process. Another feature that sets Comotomo bottles apart from the pack is our wide-mouthed opening. Meant to make both filling and cleaning easy and convenient, Comotomo bottles have been designed with every family member in mind.