Why Naturally-Shaped Comotomo Bottles Work Better

Babies are smarter than we give them credit for. Instinctively, they know when you’ve turned their little world upside down. Really. You thought you’d put away Mom’s goodies and replace them with a stiff, awkwardly-shaped, funny-tasting object that is in stark contrast to everything they’ve known all of their lives? Sorry, your baby will notice the difference and will most likely, and understandably, reject it.

What infants know is eating and sleeping. At a certain age, you can add a certain level of learning and interacting. But at its most basic, your baby’s day is spent just trying to sustain their new life form. What is funny is how many new parents expect to make the transition from the breast to the bottle with no objection from the one person that is affected by it the most.

If you suddenly removed your baby from the comforts of their soft and warm crib or bassinet and expected them to sleep on the cold kitchen floor, you would probably expect some negative feedback. But give them a bottle that is of the equivalent of an uncomfortable sleeping situation and nobody understands the issue.

At Comotomo, we get it. Traditional baby bottles don’t come close to offering what nature gave us in the human breast. Mom’s breasts inherently offer comfort along with sustenance and gave us the perfect prototype for developing a baby bottle that makes standard bottles obsolete.

Every aspect of the Comotomo bottle was intended to poach upon mother nature’s unique design. From the rounded, soft and squeezable body to the mounded, naturally-shaped nipple, Comotomo baby bottles let your baby feel as if all is right in his tiny little world; making the transition from breast to bottle, one that is barely noticed.