Tips and Tricks to Keep Baby from Refusing the Bottle

After years of research and development, trial and error, and questioning our own answers, we believe that by getting back to nature at its simplest forms, we’ve developed the baby bottle that all breastfeeding mothers need.

One of the most distressing issues a young mother faces is when her baby refuses the bottle. Not only is it frustrating, but it can bring up worries about proper nutrition and growth. Breastfeeding babies that start to prefer to only feed from the breast need to be gently persuaded to use the bottle whenever the need arises. We know…. easier said than done. However, other than recommending the use of Comotomo bottles during feeding time, these other tips may help when your baby refuses to feed from the bottle:

  • Let Dad participate - Babies are smart enough to understand just who owns the breasts in the family. Often times, your baby knows that if Mom is doing the feeding, she’s got the goods that he/she really wants, and therefore will refuse to eat from the bottle. Letting Dad or someone else feed the baby until he/she is past the refusal stage works best with mom out of sight and out of mind.
  • Pay attention to timing - When attempting to bottle feed a breast-dependent baby, try to do so earlier in the day. It has been shown, that because of the need for Mom’s comfort, babies are less likely to take the bottle during evening and night-time feedings.
  • Present a good attitude - Sometimes, your baby may seem to have an anxiety radar; picking up on your frustration and concern regarding their desire to feed. Watch your attitude, making sure to disguise your fear and apprehension while feeding. Instead, remember that this time is supposed to be comforting and enjoyable for both of you. Smile, sing and take your time to ease everybody into it.
  • Be firm - Expect that your baby will try to reject the bottle initially, but it is up to you to not fold as soon as you experience resistance. Be persistent in your attempts. If your baby shakes her head or arches away from the bottle, gently put down your baby and move out of sight. After just a few moments, return to cuddle and try again. Keep that good attitude up during these attempts.
  • Don’t use breastfeeding as a default - Going immediately back to breastfeeding at the first sign of refusal will only prolong the the problem. Again, be firm and persistent.
  • Try a little variety - Though you are pumping breast milk in order to feed your baby the best nature has to offer, giving your baby something different can help guard against bottle rejection. For babies older than three months, try giving them apple juice. If successful, try returning to breast milk or your milk mixed with formula. Try to only use juice in small doses as baby can get used to the taste and it can cause future dental issues.
  • Remind the baby that you are never far away - When other caretakers are attempting to bottle feed the baby, give them one of mom’s unwashed t-shirts to wrap or cushion the bottle in and place the baby in the breastfeeding position. The t-shirt carries the scent of mom, comforting the baby as he/she feeds.

At Comotomo, we understand the frustration that parents experience when their baby unexpectedly rejects the bottle and refuses anything other than mom’s breast. Which is why we’ve developed the one bottle that mimics mom’s natural form and shape in every way. Discover the Comotomo difference and make the transition from breast to bottle a gentle, enjoyable one for everyone involved