Tips on How to Get Your Baby to Drink from a Bottle

One of the more distressing parts of being a mother of a small baby is having to make the transition from breast to bottle feeding. Many parents experience some hiccups during the change, but trying to get your baby to drink from a bottle does not have to be as complex or unclear as some make it out to be. It should be confusing to the baby at first to experience the feel of an artificial or silicone nipple, so patience on the parent’s part is key to an easy transition. That being said, learning the tips and tricks of how to ease your baby into bottle feeding can help avoid those frustrations. Parents helped our Comotomo team with their own tips and tricks. If you have a great trick that got your baby to drink from the bottle, we would love to hear from you.

  1. Use a bottle and nipple that most resemble your breast. Of course, we recommend using Comotomo bottles. We’ve been recognized as one of the best baby bottles on the market due to our natural mound shape and soft silicone nipples.
  2. Have the bottle taste like mom too. Don’t try to force both formula and a new bottle on your baby. When introducing the bottle, make sure to use only your milk at first. Your baby will likely need to make one transition at a time.
  3. Keep the temperature steady. Babies can be picky about the temperature of the milk they are drinking. Some may even stop feeding if the milk becomes cold after just feeding for a few minutes. Reheat the milk if baby rejects the bottle after initially feeding successfully.
  4. Let someone else do the feeding. Some parents and doctors even suggest that mom leave the house while someone like dad, grandma or nanny feeds the baby.
  5. Don’t repeat your routine. If you have an exclusive spot you use for breastfeeding, try not to use that area while bottle feeding too. Switch up how and where you feed your baby to reduce the risk of confusing him or her.